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* Please understand that only limited information is announced for technical protection. 

Our Forklift type  AMR , ready-made forklifts  equipped with  self-driving AMR System 


The specifications below are sample/basic specifications and can be changed at the request of the purchaser.


VIDEO _ COEX Exhibition,  running  Autonomous Forklift #1 

Application examples of self-driving unmanned forklift  

1. Instead of Conveyor belt installation because long-distance movement is required during

   the  production process in the auto parts manufacturing plant, it was transported by

   manned forklifts, but the operating cost of the manned forklifts  was expensive,
   So, introduction of self-driving unmanned forklift is decided that can recover investment
   within one to two years.

2. Products were being transported by manned forklifts from factories handling steel products, 

    due to heavy weight and concerns about human casualties, self-driving unmanned forklifts
    are being introduced and products are being transported safely.

3. As It was preparing for delivery with manned forklifts at Logistic distribution center that had

    to transport to several places,
    Operator has safety issues in forklifts operation, delivery address errors and 24-hour     

    operation problems, etc.,

    However all issues and several problems are solved at once by introducing self-driving 

    unmanned forklifts.

3 Ways Self-driving Unmanned Forklift (VNA)


Important specifications of 3-way self-driving unmanned forklift  & purpose

o Maximum handling height: 135,000 mm  (13.5m)

o Maximum handling weight: 1,600 kg

o Minimum operating required width   : 1,700 mm

o Use: 
For maximum space utilization, it is used to transport cargo in high rack which is installed on a narrow work or storage place.  

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