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* Please understand that only limited information is announced for technical protection. 

For small & light weight  :  Deck type AMR,  equipped with  Self-driving AMR System

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For medium & medium weight  :  Deck type AMR,  equipped with  Self-driving  AMR System

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For large & heavy weight: Deck type  AMR, equipped with  Self-driving AMR System

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Subject                       Details

Dimension (mm)       4,000(W) x 1,200(L) x 700(H)

Payload                    5,000 kg

Empty Weight          1,400 kg

Type of Navigation    microScan3 LiDAR SLAM 

Speed                     MAX. 2.0m/second

Type of Drive           Dual Driving Wheel (3.2Kw/AC48V Motor)

Drive Directions       Forward/Backward/Curve/Rotation

Lift Stroke              0mm ~ 90mm

Object detection      Laser Scan Type

Battery                  48V 150Ah ( Lithium Battery )

Charging                48V 100Ah (Auto-Quick)  150Ah ( Lithium Battery )


* Dimension and Payload can be adjusted according to Customer's demand8V 100Ah (자동 충전- 급속충전)

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