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H 업체 대차 운반용 무인지게차 납품 계약   (2024.1)

링크솔루션 3D 플랫폼 운반용 무인지게차 납품 계약   (2024.1)

대한민국 우수특허대상 수상 - 한국일보 주최 (2023.12)
  (2023년 17회 하반기 : 건설/기계분야 ; 지게차 안전운전 지원장치)

Certified of Occupational Helath & Safety Management System  (Nov. 2023)

안전보건경영시스템 인증서.jpg

Contract signed with LG Electronic for AMR Forklift (July 2023)

Signed MOU for US export (May 2023)
Supplied 4 unmanned forklifts (7m mast) and 5 unmanned forklifts (3m mast) to N company and US distribution center

Patent application: Forklift safety device (April 2023)
Applied for a patent for the completion of safety kit development to increase the safety of manned forklifts,   Patent Registered : Sep 01, 2023

Stand Alone AMR development contract for KisWire (April 2023)
Modification and development of the existing self-driving unmanned AMR into
stand-alone AMR

Consortium for government support project of Korea Institute of Robot Industry Advancement (March 2023)
Company H:  2 ton, 3 ton self-driving unmanned forklift AMR 
Company F  : 1 ton self-driving unmanned forklift AMR

KisWire, Fine Drawing AMR delivery (Dec. 2022)
AMR (LIFT, ROLLER) autonomous driving unmanned vehicle for smart factory

Corning Precision Material, Forklift safety device development contract (Dec. 2022)
Development and delivery of safety kits to increase the safety of manned forklifts

MakeKnow (Sejun F&B), AGV supply contract (Nov.2022)
Autonomous unmanned AGV for smart factory

New product launch. Value for money (Oct.2022)
Only 100M Won for AMR  (1.5 tons, stacker).
H/W, S/W and All cost included.

Registered as a supplier of Corning Precision Materials (August 2022)
Autonomous driving unmanned forklift, AMR for smart factory  

KisWire, AMR supply contract (July 2022)
Autonomous driving unmanned vehicle, AMR  for smart factory 

Corning Precision Materials, POC (June 8, 2022)
Conducted POC to introduce self-driving unmanned forklifts for smart factories and logistics automation
Corning Precision Materials (USA Corning-based glass manufacturer for display devices)
Watch the video (Click here~) 

Smart Factory + Automation Industry Exhibition (May 3, 2022)
Smart factory and logistics automation essential  Introduction of autonomous driving unmanned forklift truck
A-Robotics Co., Ltd.
Watch the video (Click here~) 

Industrial Daily Article (April 11, 2022)
Movement to be safe from the Serious Disaster Punishment Act. Introduction of self-driving driverless forklifts
A-Robotics Co., Ltd.
View article content (Click here~) 


Hello T - Article (April 8, 2022)
Digital-based logistics innovation,  Introduction of self-driving driverless forklift
A-Robotics Co., Ltd.
View article content (Click here~) 


Participation in exhibition 
Smart Factory and Factory Automation Exhibition (SFAW)
April 6 ~ 8, 2022


Global Economics Article (March 23, 2022)
The core of autonomous driving is the control system, aerobotics ACS (AMR Control System)
ARobotics Co., Ltd.
View article content (Click here~) 


Corporate R&D Center (March 14, 2022)
Certificate of company-affiliated research institute (Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication)
A-Robotics Co., Ltd.


Industrial Journal Articles
Try to reduce forklift accident by A-Robotics technology.
A-Robotics Co., Ltd. 
View article content (Click here~) 


Robot Technology Newspaper Articles
Aerobotics technology and  product
A-Robotics Co., Ltd.
View article content (Click here~) 


Monthly Automation - Newspaper
Interview with Company - Smart Factory and Automation (SFAW)
Chief of Laboratory
Click Link 


POC  (Proof Of Concept) - Dongwon Logistics
Proof Of Concept
December 4, 9, 2021
ICheon Center, Dongwon Logistics
Video 1 (Rack 2nd level--> Remote Ground)
Video 2  (Ground--> Near Rack 2nd Level)

A-Robotics  new Company name
As of November 1, 2021, the AMR business, which was operated as KPC Electronics Co., Ltd., was transferred to A-Robotics Co., Ltd. for  

Participation in exhibition
Smart Factory and Factory Automation Exhibition (SFAW)
September 8 - 10, 2021

Video (COEX)

Notices before Year 2021
Skipped except Robotics business

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